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Jerusalem for Cowards 

"When we were young and lived in Jerusalem, people tried to intimidate us. They said that in 20-30 years only orthodox Jews and Arabs will remain in the city. They counted on us to save the city, fight for its secular, modern character. They thought we would transform it into the cosmopolitan city it was meant to be.


a documentary by Dalia Castel and Orit Nahmias

WINNER “Preis der Autoren” of the Autorenstiftung Frankfurt am Main 2014

WINNER Best feature film Boddinale 2015


A story about two cowards who find the courage to go back to a place that once scared them away.

It's been many years since Dalia and Orit left Jerusalem, but it never left them.
Now they decide to go on a week Journey and try to resolve the problem they have with Jerusalem. 
In a self-guided tour of the city full of random encounters they revisit the places that made them leave, and those others that make Jerusalem so unique for them.

A film for people who live or used to live in Jerusalem. For people who visit the city. For anyone who once left a place and sometimes misses it.



Boni meloni - Cero39

For Eli

This video was a labor of Love. 
It is hiding under the look of a serious scientific film but basically it is about how the good things in life, like love and dance and music, involve all the parts in our body. 
And about how all parts of our body are containing of these elements. 
Holistic experience :) where you can’t divide the parts from the whole or look at the whole without the parts.
The technique is Rotoscoping. All the animation was painted by hand frame by frame and use of archive material from the Internet archive under creative commons.

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Our conversations - Lay low

produced and directed by Rut Sigurdardottir & Dalia Castel

For Lay Low  laylow.is
Camera: Rut Sigurdardottir - Editing: Dalia Castel

Actors: Knut Berger & Magatte Sarr
Make-Up: Anna Czilinsky - Assistant: Birta Frodadottir

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Kronthaler - Cold Song (official video)

From the Album “The living Loving Maid”:

Theresa Kronthaler - vocals
Kalle Kalima - guitar
Oliver Potratz - bass
Michael Weilacher - drums

Video produced and directed by Dalia Castel & Rut Sigurdardottir

daliacastel.com & rutsig.com

Camera: Rut Sigurdardottir
Editing and post production: Dalia Castel
Girl: Thea Isabel Martins


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Nothing's Falling down - Ofrin

Directing: Rut Sigurdardottir & Dalia Castel

Camera: Rut Sigurdardottir
Editing: Ofri Brin & Dalia Castel
Dancers: Laura Keil & Ruslan Stepanov

Nothing's Falling down from Ofrin's album THE BRINGER
written and produced by Ofrin aka Ofri Brin (ofrin.com/)
Buy the album: ofrin.com/album_new.php?categorie_id=51

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gotanda film


Between the years 2001-2007 I worked together with the director Alessandro Cassigoli under the name "Gotandafilm". We made 4 documentaries of our own creation and numerous commissioned works