Dalia Castel

Mull and Kiez

A collaboration together with Corinne Kitzis.

We make mixed media animations for Social media


Experimental Films 


Part of my experimental film "The Feed".
In “The Feed” humans intermingle in natural and urban landscapes accompanied by a soundtrack composed of text taken directly from Facebook feeds. If you listen closely to this “indistinct chatter” you find hints at the hidden underside of the psyche.
Our most mundane thoughts are immortalized by posting them on our Facebook page. Our most intimate thoughts become visible when posted on a social media feed and underscores the blurring of boundaries between the private and the public. Thoughts that seem profound at the moment they were written lead us into uncanny valley when recited by soothing robotic voices.

Idea, images and editing: Dalia Castel

Original music and sound track: Ori Alboher

Swan: Eli Cohen

1 dancer. 3 bodies. 4 arms. Cabaret grotesque.

In this video we deconstruct the traditional lines of Flamenco in order to rebuild a new body. The footage has been altered, fused and deconstructed and reconstructed it into a new dance. The image will never be exactly as it was before. The eye, longing for the memory of what it once saw, inevitably tries to complete and correct fragmented images into a harmonious whole. By dissecting the body and dissolving Flamenco's very defined lines, we explore another way of seeing dance and question the limits of the body itself. Re-translating Flamenco, questioning tradition and exploring the boundaries between art and technology is central to this work.

Dance: Anna Natt
Video and Audio (music): Dalia Castel

Camera and Editing: Dalia Castel
Music is Anable song of Ori (orialboher.bandcamp.com/track/anable-song)
Check out his music: soundcloud.com/orialbo