About ME

I am a professional filmmaker based in Berlin. I grew up in Jerusalem and studied film editing in Tel Aviv. In 1998, my work on the award winning movie “Urban Feel” (dir: Jonathan Sagall) was rewarded with a nomination for the Israeli Oscar – as the youngest editor ever. One year later I moved to Rome where I lived working as an editor, before finally settling down in Berlin in 2005.

From 2002 until 2007 I worked in collaboration with the Italian filmmaker Alessandro Cassigoli. Under the name “gotandafilm” we made various documentaries among them “Good Times” (2005) which won awards in more than 15 film festivals around the world, including Full Frame (US) and Dok Festival, Leipzig.



Lately I got more and more passionate about photography, I am finding my voice switching between still and moving images. 

I am interested in the possible connections and analogies between different materials, I am curious to explore new ways of expression, that can go beyond the rigid format of conventional story telling. 



email: daliacastel(at)gmail.com